April 03 2023 0Comment

Where to get your electrical supplies

Its not as easy as we may think to get original electrical products, we have so many retail and whole sale shops selling those products, so for most of you wanting to buy original products, it might be challenging.

What you can do is try engage with an engineering company like Powerman to advice get the best without being cheated, We supply and install a range of electrical, electronic and lighting accessories. They include: – main control panels, stabilizers, contactors, switch gears, lighting battens, cables, cable glands, electronic ballasts, metal halides, phase monitor relays, overload relays, timers, connectors, conduits, capacitors etc. from a wide range of renown manufacturers to varied client base, from small businesses to large companies and in a wide range of industries. We also supply power backup systems (Inverters) and Sustainable energy equipment for solar energy.