We provide technical services that ensure the smooth implementation and deployment of new IT infrastructure, and Upgrading / Relocation of existing IT infrastructure.More specifically, the services include:

  • Design Validation
  • Site Assessment & Preparation
  • Staging, Burn-in Test & Configuration
  • Deployment & Installation & Commissioning
  • De-commissioning of old equipment if required.

Design Validation

Validate the network and/or system design to ensure connectivity and interoperability of design within the customer’s IT infrastructure. We also develop site-specific component configurations and technical documentation for the customer to ensure it is correctly implemented.

Site Assessment & Preparation

Determines the site’s level of readiness for new hardware installation. It includes a comprehensive recommendation of site preparation tasks necessary for ensuring the success of rollout. This identifies facility, cabling, wiring, power conditioning and environmental needs up front, so all site preparation requirements are addressed even before your new equipment arrives on-site.

Staging, Burn-in Test and Configuration

It involves receiving the equipment, storing and tagging them accordingly. The components are assembled, software configurations loaded, testing based on design performed to ensure it is working correctly before they are shipped to site for deployment and installation.
These services enable us to provide enterprise customers and channel partners with a focused solution that is delivered in a consistent and reliable manner across a wide variety of locations, industries, and technologies.

Project Scheduling And Management

  • Wireless and Wireless infrastructure
  • Structured cabling network (copper and fiber)
  • IP Telephony, Unified Communication and Collaboration
  • Security solutions like Firewall, IPS, Content Security, VPN, Access
  • Control, CCTV
  • Desktop hardware and applications
  • Data centre