Network Security

Security solutions help our customers secure their data, protect identities and build trusted relationships with all networked devices and people. We leverage our experience in helping you frame security policies, select the right mix of technology and solutions, deploy the security infrastructure and monitor & maintain it for you.

We offer following Security Solutions:

  • Firewalls
    It’s the first line of defense against networks attacks and Internet threats. A firewall is intended to enforce the security policy controlling the network traffic that passes through it and securing the network and information from unauthorized access. By just installing a firewall will not protect your network. The security policy has to designed and configured on the firewall in order to protect the network
  • Unified Threat Management (UTM)One appliance that can perform multiple security tasks at a time such as Spam blocking, Gateway antivirus, Spyware prevention, Intrusion prevention, URL filtering. This previously had been handled by multiple systems. UTM solutions provide integrated management, monitoring, and logging capabilities to make the deployment and maintenance easier. It provides attack protections from layers 2 through 7 of the OSI model.
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN). Today the availability of corporate data and network has become very critical. Mobile work force, Partners, dealers has to access the corporate network from anywhere and increase the productivity thereby profitability. VPN helps in achieving this. VPN is the cost effective solution to provide you the remote access than traditional expensive dedicated data lines. With today’s VPN technology and broadband connections, companies of any size can use the Internet to securely connect to their network resources.
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS)Its network security device that monitors network and system activities for malicious or unwanted behaviour and can react, in real-time, to block or prevent those activities. An IPS is typically designed to operate completely invisible on network and it takes the actions which include dropping packets, resetting connections, generating alerts, and even quarantining intruders on a network. IPS has the ability to look at layer 7 protocols like HTTP, FTP, and SMTP, which provide greater awareness and protection of the network.
  • Content and URL FilteringContent filtering solution can help organization to reduce the productivity loss by defining and enforcing the Internet access policies to the staff as per their business needs. Inappropriate use of Internet resources can expose organizations to legal liability. Unrestricted Web access can result in excessive non-productive Web surfing, creating tremendous losses in productivity. This is where Content & URL Filtering plays its role.

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