April 04 2023 0Comment

Buying air conditioner for server rooms

We advice you to work with genuine and experienced companies that will not mess up your equipment.  Therefore when selecting go through the company profile you have chosen to work on you air conditioning project. This will help you figure out the kind of company you are working with. For us as Powerman, Over the […]

April 03 2023 0Comment

Where to get your electrical supplies

Its not as easy as we may think to get original electrical products, we have so many retail and whole sale shops selling those products, so for most of you wanting to buy original products, it might be challenging. What you can do is try engage with an engineering company like Powerman to advice get […]

March 07 2023 0Comment

IT customer support for better service

We don’t compromise our excellency, as Powerman we have added more number of support staff to quicken our support. Now you can contact at us at any time with our working days and we shall reach you where ever you are within our working boundaries.